Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin – Easy Contact

Contact Us plugin for WordPress

The Easy Contact plugin for WordPress is true to its name

The WordPress program does not automatically include a contact form. There are a few themes that include contact forms, but for the most part if you want a “Contact Us” form on your website, you need to install a contact form plugin.

I’ve tried many WordPress contact form plugins. Some are far too complex for my needs. Some require you to sign up for a third-party service, which I don’t want to do. Some do not include any spam-prevention measures such as a captcha or challenge question (without this, spam bots can barrage you with junk emails).

Some just don’t look good on the page.

Easy Contact Plugin

So I’m a fan of an oldie but goodie – the appropriately named Easy Contact plugin by Scott Allan Wallick. It’s absurdly easy to use, free of course, and creates a simple and clean contact form like the one on this website. It has good security measures, including a captcha or challenge question, or both. It gets a four-star rating (out of five) by users, and has been downloaded a whopping 109,960 times.

The downside is that the Easy Contact plugin has not been updated in more than three years. It was last updated for WordPress 2.6.x. However, I have found that it still works perfectly, probably because it’s so simple.

So if you need a simple contact form for your WordPress website, I recommend Easy Contact.

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