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Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin – Easy Contact

I’ve tried many Wordpress contact form plugins. Some are far too complex for my needs. Some require you to sign up for a third-party service…

WordPress Security Tip: Delete Unused Themes and Plugins

There are a number of things you can do to protect your Wordpress website against hackers. One is to delete any inactive themes and plugins.

Building Better Sites With WordPress

Wordpress is a powerful, flexible platform that allows me to build almost any kind of website.

Securing WordPress – No “Admin” User

I’ve been studying ways to “harden” Wordpress websites against hackers. I’ve learned it’s safer if the Wordpress Admin is not named “Admin”.

WordPress Makes it Easy

I build websites of all kinds, but I specialize in a free website creation platform called WordPress. I’m a huge fan of WordPress. It allows for easy and instant updates to the website, creation of custom links and navigation menus, easy uploading of photos or videos, and you can change the appearance of a website […]