WordPress Makes it Easy

Wordpress logo

I build websites of all kinds, but I specialize in a free website creation platform called WordPress. I’m a huge fan of WordPress. It allows for easy and instant updates to the website, creation of custom links and navigation menus, easy uploading of photos or videos, and you can change the appearance of a website with a single click by using any one of thousands of free themes.

There are also fancier, very professional looking themes available for under $100.

The first time I created a WordPress website it took me almost two days just for the setup. Since then I’ve created dozens of WordPress sites, and now I get the website off the ground in half an hour.

If you’d like me to build you a website using WordPress, let me know. I can build it, design it, and tailor it to your needs, then hand it over to you. From that point on you can update the website easily, using only your internet browser.

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